...I would argue that it is sometimes the pain in things that make you appreciate them the most... it is my unconditional willingness to endure the middle-of-the-night feedings, the cleaning up of vomit, the screaming for no good reason, etc that makes me realize how much I love my child and love raising him...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I thought we were generally past the drool...

Zach is going through this random two-and-a-half year old  (age not time period) phase where he is drooling like a faucet. And this is coupled with the fact that he is a bit stuffed up with allergies so his mouth is hanging open most of the time so he can, you know, breath. I also thing he might have a big molar pushing through in the back. I don’t know- SOMETHING is up.

Here’s the thing about a 2 year old going through this (rather than an infant)… (1) an increased capacity to drool, i.e. A LOT more drool and (2) an inappropriateness for him to walk around in a bib (which was cute when he was 6 months old). Now, one added benefit is that he now has the where-with-all to wipe his mouth and at least try to contain the drool but it isn’t helping too much. Not with the amount of drool we are talking about.

When I picked him up from school yesterday, his shirt was so saturated that it was slimy. They said that they had tried to have him wear a bib but he didn’t tolerate it (shocker). Needless-to-say, today I brought burp cloths to school with him so they would have something softer to use for him to wipe his mouth, which he will do on command. So in my mind, they will have the cloth somewhere accessible for him and they can remind him to go use it (I doubt very much that this is how this will work).

Research only brought up ridiculous things like the possibility of seizures and being that there is no fever to go with this situation, I am going to stick with it just being a phase for now and hope for it being a short one.

I want to emphasize, but I can’t nor do I want to, how much drool this is. It’s a lot.

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