...I would argue that it is sometimes the pain in things that make you appreciate them the most... it is my unconditional willingness to endure the middle-of-the-night feedings, the cleaning up of vomit, the screaming for no good reason, etc that makes me realize how much I love my child and love raising him...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heart-Shaped Tongue

Another note on the speech eval- Zach has a heart-shaped tongue. I have worried (as usual) about this since he was a baby. What it pretty much amounts to is that, most of the time, his tongue looks rounded but sometimes it dips in the middle so that the end of his tongue looks like a heart. The concern with this is that the piece of skin that connect his tongue to the bottom of his mouth is too tight and constricts the mobility of the tongue. When extreme (called tongue-tie), this problem can cause feeding problems and later speech problems.

Generally, everything says that as long as a child can stick their tongue out of their mouth that this isn’t a problem. Zach proved at a very young age that he had this ability. Little dickens. Of course I was still concerned.

I have asked since he was a baby and the pediatrician has said that it wasn’t a problem. We then asked the dentist he saw last month- not a problem. So, the speech evaluator took a look at his tongue and says it’s not a problem.

There you go.

Not a problem.

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